Best Practices for Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing? The long answer: Content Marketing is one of the top strategies your company can utilize to get unique, quality leads and clients, increase engagement, and improve customer retention. Content Marketing is more than a fancy catchall for “stuff your site with articles”. It takes different forms including: creative content, inbound links, video, podcast, social media, images, and search engine optimization (SEO). These form different types of content that provide value to your customers on many different levels.

Content Marketing

Creating content that engages and informs your customers helps to ensure that when a buyer arrives at your website, they are engaged with what they find on your page. This engages the buyer and helps you to move through the sales cycle faster. Inbound links back to sites that provide content are another way that content marketing helps your customer to move through the buying process faster by creating a link between the buyer and the merchant. Video, podcast, and blogs are great ways to engage and inform your buyers.

How do you apply content marketing in a smaller, more personal context? Social media posts, blog entries, and podcasts are all different types of content marketing that can be used to engage and inform your buyers. For example, consider how podcasting can help you to build trust with your potential clients. Podcasts are usually five minutes long audio or video that you can listen to or download directly from iTunes. They give you the chance to listen to someone else’s take on an issue or share ideas and thoughts with like-minded people. Many people enjoy the social media benefits of podcasts but some may not find them interesting enough to read through.

Social media sharing gives your audience a medium to engage with you as a brand and share stories with like-minded people. There are even apps for iPhones, iPod Touch, and Android devices that allow users to post in different social media sites in the comfort of their own homes. If you have a blog you can add content marketing tags that will appear in different ways on different websites. For example, a Facebook tag can appear underneath the user’s name in a post and in a picture.

A well-planned inbound marketing strategy can reach potential customers that you might not otherwise reach. Use content marketing effectively to bring in new customers. Content that is written for the particular audience that you are trying to reach can engage with them on a personal level. Content written for general audiences may not be as interesting or useful as content written with specific keywords in mind.

Content marketing has a variety of different methods for engaging potential customers in unique and engaging ways that increase your brand’s value. Use the best practices for SEO and incorporate them into your content marketing strategy. Don’t rely on SEO alone. Content marketing should always be a part of any successful online marketing plan. With the right content, you will see a boost in your search engine rankings and a significant increase in traffic.