The Future Of Chat Bot Marketing?

Chatbot Marketing is a method of online marketing that companies and individuals use to help automize communication with prospective customers. Chatbot internet marketing utilizes software called chat bots to automatically converse with end users on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The bot uses the provided voice commands and text commands to browse through the conversations going on in the conversation threads of these platforms. Sometimes, the bot may even interact with other users by posting or re-tweeting messages that others may have posted in the same conversation.

Chatbot Marketing

This type of system allows businesses to effectively “socialize” with customers on a much more intimate level than previously possible. The most basic function of the Chatbot is the ability to converse without actually having to speak. In the case of business customers and prospects, this feature allows the customer service representative to interact while on the phone, with no need to speak, as the chat bot does it all. Customers may be more comfortable having a real person represent them in a telephone/ Face-to-face setting, instead of having to engage in a long verbal dialogue, making the interaction less formal and more personal. Further, conversational AI systems are better able to pick up on non-verbal cues and nuances of tone, resulting in a more personalized experience for the customer.

Chat Bots may also be employed by service and repair shops. They allow the technician to directly answer questions by providing a written quote, or he may even provide a written review of an item, based on the customer’s social media postings about the item. This allows the technician to answer a question in his own words, rather than a canned line or response from a salesperson or marketing department. If a customer buys a part and then likes or does not like the product, they can easily report their experience through a social media site, and the chatbot will record their complaint. The customer care team of the store will receive the complaint, and have the ability to conduct a survey via Facebook, on their iPhones, or anywhere the customer has access to a computer.

As previously mentioned, Chat Bots are the ideal way to interact with prospects, customers, and prospects’ friends. Since Messenger Bot technology supports digital marketing through Facebook, many designers have created Facebook applications that include Chat Bots. Some examples of these include Botox For Work, Facebook Fan Page and Polls, and Facebook Live events. All of these applications were first released for Facebook fans and Facebook members. As of this writing, the Botox For Work application has received over 11 million Facebook interactions.

To date, Chat Bots have revolutionized customer service, with agents spending less time on phone lines, and more time interacting with their clients, via social media sites. As we continue to evolve into a more technically advanced era, artificial intelligence is starting to permeate almost all industries, including the customer service, real estate, and marketing industries. Artificial intelligent software is now starting to invade many business fields, including chatbot technology. We expect this trend to continue, as companies invest in research and development to develop these programs.

Currently, there are many advantages to using Chat Bots, including faster response times. Chat Bots may also be used for cold calling, as it uses the same principles and reasoning as telephone salespeople. Further, these programs have the potential to perform as well, if not better than human sales agents. Chat Bots may well become a necessary component of the digital marketing revolution.