Podcast Marketing – Why Should You Start a Podcast?

Podcast Marketing

If you are just beginning podcast marketing, you will need to choose a topic that’s both broad enough to attract a large audience and specific enough to draw a niche audience. The best podcasts focus on a single concept within a broader topic. For example, the Sales Hacker Blog hosts exclusive interviews with CEOs and VPs of sales from B2B companies. Profit from Legal(tm) focuses on small and midsize businesses, sharing tips on how to grow them.

Besides building a large audience, podcasts can boost a brand’s image. They allow listeners to hear the business’s voice, which humanizes it. Podcasts have higher listener engagement than any other form of media, and studies have shown that there’s a distinct group of podcast fans. This group, called super listeners, spend five hours or more per week listening to podcasts. By 2020, this group will spend an average of 10.5 hours per week listening to podcasts.

One of the most effective podcast marketing strategies is word of mouth advertising. Finding events related to your podcast and networking at these events is a great way to increase your audience and exposure. Don’t forget to mention your podcasting during these networking events. Whether you’re attending an industry-related conference or a networking party, it’s important to mention your podcasting activities and your podcast. There’s no greater reward than reaching hundreds of new listeners with your podcast!

Another reason to start a podcast is that it allows you to easily transfer audiovisual content from other platforms. This makes podcasting a great multitasking tool. Creating a podcast can be a very profitable marketing strategy, and it’s an extremely easy way to get started. However, it’s important to note that podcasts require significant time to create and maintain. As with any form of content marketing, you must analyze your target audience to know what they’re looking for. Make sure you share your passion for your subject. Monitor social media conversations to determine which podcasts are resonating with your audience.

As podcasting has become more popular in the last decade, businesses are beginning to understand how powerful it is. It’s easy to understand why podcasts are growing so rapidly – almost 78% of Americans are familiar with it. In fact, five out of ten listen to podcasts. Podcasts are the perfect outlet for personal branding and can increase brand awareness and client base. You can talk about your business personally, promote your products, or simply share helpful information. The podcast community allows you to connect with other members of the community, which is another advantage.