Podcast Marketing Strategies – How To Combine Podcast Marketing Strategies For Maximum Effectiveness

Podcast Marketing

Podcast Marketing Strategies – How To Combine Podcast Marketing Strategies For Maximum Effectiveness

Podcast Marketing is the act of promoting yourself, your products, or your services via the production and distribution of audio information. You share free audio information to ideally influence them into realizing the value you generate by way of your product or service… which would ultimately result in them recognizing the importance you give to their interests. The key to podcast marketing is getting it out there and into the digital world where people can potentially find it. There are several ways you can reach potential podcast clients.

As mentioned above, you can promote podcast episodes yourself. It’s not as hard as you may think. Podcast hosting websites like BlogTalkRadio and YouTube are free places to host your podcasts; you can also submit them to a number of RSS directories, publicize them using web banners, and email them to your list or contacts. Alternatively, there are other professional methods you can use to promote podcast episodes. These include: giving away free gifts relevant to the subject of your podcast episode, hosting a contest or hiring a professional writer to write a weekly podcast regarding topics related to your business or industry. While these methods do not necessarily guarantee success, it would be worthwhile to note that most of the podcasts listed on the Internet contain links back to the host site, which means potential listeners will easily find your promotions.

Another way to encourage podcast marketing through your podcast is to actually target your podcast audience. By visiting relevant forums related to your industry or business, you can get a sense of who your potential listeners are. What are the demographics? Who are you targeting? What kinds of things do they like?

One great way to target your listener base through giveaways is to send each of your podcast episodes as gifts to your contacts. Not only is this a great way to promote your podcast, it is also a great way to reward your contacts for helping you promote your website. By giving away something of value, including your podcast at no cost, you effectively demonstrate to your contacts that you care about them and their interests.

The final method for effective podcast marketing involves Facebook ads, and similar paid ads that are designed to reach your target audience. Paid ads can appear on Facebook, as well as in magazines and newspapers. Paid ads can also be displayed in blog and forum posts. A quick search of podcasting shows that most of your competitors are also advertising via Facebook and other social networks. Because of this, and because it is easy to implement and cheap to do, many marketers have switched their focus from podcasts to Facebook ads.

If used effectively, these four podcast marketing strategies will provide excellent results. However, if you want to see even greater growth and significant improvements in your revenue, then consider implementing all four of the strategies listed above. The results you will achieve with each strategy will be even greater than the results you will achieve with just one or two of the strategies. If you combine all four of these strategies, you will notice a considerable increase in your revenue as well as a noticeable increase in your fans and following. With just a few dollars, you can upgrade your status, change your music selections and your look, and gain instant access to your network of contacts and subscribers.