How to Use Weibo As a Component of Your Social Marketing Strategies

Creating a successful Weibo marketing plan that gets results is no easy feat. There are many social media tools at work in China right now, and nuances to the Chinese market to consider. I’ve found that if you dig deeper and don’t worry about following the crowd, that there are tons of great resources available. Things like trending topics on Weibo are an excellent indicator of what the brand will be doing. And it’s pretty easy to start your own trend on Weibo.

Weibo Marketing

However, there is so much more to it than just using trending topics for your Weibo marketing campaign. You need to think about who your audience is, what their likes/dislikeliness towards different brands/products is, what issues matter most to them. Once you’ve answered these questions, you can build a more effective campaign based around those core issues. There are other tools that are helpful as well, but trending topics are still a good way to start.

One important factor to remember when running a trending campaign on Weibo is that if you have a verified account, your posts and updates will appear as “trending” even if they aren’t actually “trending.” The reason for this is simple – Facebook has verification, and every verified page contains a trending icon next to it. Facebook also applies a keyword factor to every verified page, and if your page is featured as the trending topic, your posts will show up with the corresponding keyword. If you don’t have a verified page, you can still benefit from a trending strategy by including the verified symbol in your tags. But just make sure that the real purpose of these symbols is not to trick people, as that would be seen as spam by Facebook employees.

Another good aspect of using Weibo as part of your social marketing strategy is that you can take advantage of the Chinese language capabilities to target your audience. Because Weibo is largely based off of English, it’s a very good way to make sure that your brand message is familiar to users, even if they speak another language. One popular tool that many marketers use is translating short Chinese conversations into English, which gives them a more familiar perspective of your brand. You can also try using a Chinese translation service that will translate your brand’s text into Chinese. You may think this is a time-consuming process, but in fact, there are several websites that offer these services for a low fee. This will give your brand the visibility that it deserves.

In addition to English translation services, you can also try posting your Weibo videos in the Weibo microblogging site. The microblogging site features its own video section, which can help spread your viral marketing message around even faster. To take it one step further, create a video ad on Weibo that asks Chinese users to share with Weibo or forward the video to a friend. You can even make the ad viral by inviting other microbloggers to share the video on their Weibo pages. The more people that pass the ad on, the higher your visibility will be.

E.g. You can also use Weibo as an effective tool for search engine promotion. The Chinese social network features its own unique ranking system, which ensures that you get the ideal amount of exposure. For example, Weibo boasts over 400 million registered users and offers the perfect platform for advertisers to advertise to their target audience. If your business has an online presence, why not consider taking advantage of Weibo Marketing?