Digital Marketing Trends 2021

In recent years, we have seen the tremendous growth in digital marketing trends. Digital marketing efforts are easier to set up, conduct, monitor and ultimately the rewards are traceable and measureable in a very distinct manner that no other marketing and publicity can provide. When it comes to brand awareness and brand loyalty, Facebook has proven itself to be the quintessential social networking site on the planet. According to one recent study by McKinsey, 62 percent of consumers use Facebook to connect with friends, family and their professional networks. What makes Facebook so appealing is its ability to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time with the right content at the right place at a fraction of the cost of traditional media and promotion.

Digital Marketing Trends

This is in no small part due to the fact that Facebook now has over 500 million active users and continues to be a powerhouse force in online marketing. Now more than ever, traditional SEO strategies must evolve to effectively leverage the power of social media. A savvy business owner will utilize the power of Facebook’s inbound links, recommendations from influential influencers, engaging content from their existing fan base and engagement via mobile, video and real-time tweets. Facebook has now fully leveraged the power of influencers and is working diligently to position themselves as the go-to place for businesses seeking visibility and influence.

Twitter recently announced plans to double its workforce and add 500 million users over the next 12 months. While this represents a significant increase, this doesn’t really answer the fundamental question of what digital marketing trends are going to be happening in the coming year. Is Twitter right for B2B business? If so, then where are the users going to come from? This is something that businesses should consider carefully, but Twitter may not have the staying power to sustain this level of growth over the long term.

There are a few emerging trends, however, that will provide a bit of stability for the digital marketing trends field in the coming year. One is that ad blockers will become a major issue in the market. Google has been looking at ways to block ad revenue from particular sites, which could easily hurt smaller, start up brands that don’t have the financial infrastructure to support their marketing campaigns. While this may not directly impact search engine rankings and PPC campaigns, it could certainly drive customers elsewhere for brands that can better serve their needs.

Another trend that we’ve been seeing for quite some time is that website owners who do not pay for PPC campaigns are getting a lot of traffic without paying for SEO services. The result is that the search engine marketing businesses who are willing to pay for PPC placements, pay a much higher price than those who are not. The end result is that this is good news for the SEO companies who can offer more value to their clients because they are not being forced to give up quality on the web just to get paid. As a result, the competition within the SEO field is heating up and getting more aggressive as the search query volume increases.

This summer was an important summer for all SEO businesses because it was the first summer where the search engines did not show a downward decline in overall search term volume. The results were so impressive that many SEO experts feel that the volume of content being produced by SEOs was way too high. The solution, according to those who have been watching SEO news closely, is to bring down the level of SEO spending. The result will be more organic SEO pages on the web. This can only mean that more people will start visiting SEO pages instead of those created by SEO firms. It also means that businesses who are already using SEO like google will be even more inclined to spend money on PPC campaigns because they will be getting back links and other advantages that are attributed to higher SEO ranking.